About the Authors

Ulde S.

M.A. Ulde Sirtautaite. Author, educational psychologist

As an educational psychologist and a lecturer, I have worked with adult drug addicts, and children and teenagers from social risk families, and now I am working with gifted students. Also for the last 1,5 years I have been a part of a psychoactive substance abuse prevention programme development team. I find it of high importance to find ways not only to provide knowledge and encouragement to the people you work with, but also to enable them to have a great time when you are together.

Vytautas S.

Ph.D. Vytautas V. Sirtautas. Author, language education methodologist

Born in 1963, writing text-books since 1989. In 2000 I defended a thesis for degree about the nurturing of thinking through language. Together with my wife (see Daiva Sirtautiene) and daughter (see Ulde Sirtautaite), I had a kindergarten with loving pupils for ten years. At present I am working with cultural research and analysis of the dynamics of values.

Daiva S.

Ph.D. Daiva Sirtautiene. Author, verbal communication education methodologist

I am an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences, Klaipeda University. My scientific interests are verbal communication, advertising, and journalism. I have had 10 years of practical experience in a school using my methodology, on which a thesis on the education of verbal communication abilities was developed and defended in 2000. I am the author of three sets of teaching tools (1993, 1998, 2008). One of them, which can be found here: http://www.tytoalba.lt/baltarage, includes practically tested and adapted exercises, some of which can be found on this website. I believe that a game is a serious thing, which has to be learnt in order to learn something.

Susan R.

Ph.D. Susan Robbins. Editor

I defended a thesis on I. Kant’s ethics in 1993, and have been teaching at graduate and undergraduate levels since 1990. In 1996, I was certified as a philosophical counsellor. I came to Lithuania in 2003, and in 2004, I joined the English Philology Department at Klaipeda University, where I teach subjects in the humanities. I have published articles on Kant, ethics, and literature. My current research interests are in Christian ethics, and the Lord of the Rings.